Is It Back To School For Boards And Business Owners?

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Leave old skool safety behind. It's so last year!


Schools reopen in England, today.

For thousands of children, a brand new experience awaits. Wearing a uniform. Travelling to an unfamiliar place. Meeting other children. Having a formal structure to the day. Starting a process of learning and assessment. They'll learn to master several subjects as well as learning about themselves. Caring, qualified and experienced teachers will create an environment of support.

For others, it's been several months away from the classroom but there's a greater sense of knowing what to expect. Not that it'll be the same. Apart from Covid-secure provisions, it's expected that children will progress into the year above, isn't it?

We learn, we grow, we progress. Do we ever really stop learning?

Well, it's more common than you might think that many organisations fail to learn, particularly, surrounding health and safety management and other risks.

A fixed mindset can prevail.

Complacency sets in.

Board's requirements can strongly influence what and how Health and Safety Teams deliver. In turn, it can perpetuate a transactional focus on 'compliance' and inflexible bureaucracy. Further, it can isolate the portfolio so that health and safety becomes a silo delegated to a function rather than a strategic enabler for collaboration.

Where productivity is clearly the priority, we might hear the language "Are we safe?" "Are we compliant?" "Are we legal?" "Just keep me out of jail." A tendency to focus on accidents and incidents rather than appreciating the fundamental, strategic, dynamic and transient effects of risk - let alone opportunities they may present.

In the post-lockdown, digital world brand and reputation are increasingly important and fragile. Looking to be the 'employer of choice' to attract (and retain) the best talent? Need to be the supplier of choice? Important to squeeze insurance premiums in an ever-hardening market? Recognise the need to protect lives and livelihoods of all of your stakeholders?

Have we even mentioned creating an environment that promotes positive mental health?

I support Boards and business owners to solve problems through creative, strategic and practical solutions.

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"Old Skool Safety. Game Over! Risk. Game On!"

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