How flexible are your packages?

Very flexible.
These are just a guide and are designed to suit various budgets and appetites. They can all be modified and an hourly rate is available for short pieces of work or assignments

Can you do off-the-shelf training packages for our team on risk and compliance or any topic we like?

Yes, absolutely!
It's our bespoke packages tailored to where your business is right now where we add the most value. We can also co-brand material for you.

Can you attend executive meetings with a written report to support the business discussion on this topic and support executive buy-in?

Yes. We can coach the individual who is attending and, with executive agreement, can discuss with any executive members the rationale for the investment or future works required.

Can you deliver business workshops on various risk and compliance topics?

Yes. We can work with you to create bespoke materials across a broad range of risk, health and safety and sustainability topics or deliver content which is currently available. We have some ready-made which we can deliver for you.

How do I know that Red Laces is the right consultancy for my business?

You want to achieve your business goals whilst enhancing brand and reputation. Red Laces helps you develop a strong core of governance then drive agility, adaptability and build resilience, using risk management as an enabler to this.

Can you do one-to-one coaching for one of my staff members who works alone in the Risk Department?

Yes, absolutely!
We can work alongside your team to coach and develop their skills and support them on your deliverables. Similarly, mentoring is available for leaders e.g. Head of Department.