Behind The Scenes of Red Laces

Five months ago, red laces were just a feature of my shoes! I hadn't recorded a selfie-video or heard of Canva and Kapwing!

Now, Red Laces has a fast-growing presence with followers across social media (links above) with 400+ LinkedIn, 100+ Twitter, 60+ Facebook, 75+ Insta and 30 on YouTube.

Have you seen my new weekly YouTube update?

It's a behind-the-scenes look at life of a small business owner where I share updates and insights on people, brands and causes which I care about.

Episode 3 includes video clips from my podcast interview with Dr. Jane Booth on her 'Coffee and Conversation.' It illustrates how my approaches to risk management are based on creativity, culture, leadership, people and care...not rules!

There are also 1-minutes mental health awareness videos from Ed Debrah in Ghana and Professor Andrew Sharman, President of IOSH.

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