Risk & Safety - How Can A Football Analogy Help?

In a rapidly changing and digitising world, we need to be more agile, adaptable and resilient - as professionals and businesses. Risk management (and health and safety, in particular) has often been viewed as a tactical necessity rather than strategic imperative. A cost to be avoided, a reason to exercise control and maintain the status quo. We need to avoid bad things happening whether accidents, losses or prosecutions. There are laws, standards and policies and we need func

Is It Back To School For Boards And Business Owners?

Leave old skool safety behind. It's so last year! [SOUND ON] Schools reopen in England, today. For thousands of children, a brand new experience awaits. Wearing a uniform. Travelling to an unfamiliar place. Meeting other children. Having a formal structure to the day. Starting a process of learning and assessment. They'll learn to master several subjects as well as learning about themselves. Caring, qualified and experienced teachers will create an environment of support. For