Exclusive! Danny Sculthorpe on #mentalhealth LIVE on Clubhouse app

We are delighted that on Tuesday 11th May at 6pm BST, Danny Sculthorpe will join our Director, Jonathan Dempsey for a FREE live event on #Clubhouse app, the world's hottest social media app. This is our premier event for UK Mental Health Awareness Week 2021! There will be a live Q&A so join in for this exclusive event in the 'Overheard on THE SOFA' club. Further details are available in this document. We Do Risk. Creatively. As a management consultancy, we care passionately a

IIRSM Risk Excellence Awards 2021 Finalist!

We're delighted to be announced as a finalist in the IIRSM annual awards! Our first 12 months have been challenging and this news is very welcome. Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on 20th May. Our Founding Director, Jonathan Dempsey, a Fellow member of IIRSM, commented "These first 12 months have been a rollercoaster ride and journey of discovery. It has required the rapid learning of technologies associated with social media and translating these at pace to c

From Snow to COVID-19 Coronavirus and Beyond

A year ago today, our dogs were celebrating their 4th birthday, running around the garden in snow that had fallen overnight. Their environment had suddenly changed. It was unfamiliar - different in appearance, sounds, smells and feel to their little paws. They had no idea when things would return to 'normal.' They explored, sniffed, wagged their tails and quickly adapted. They played and were able to appreciate the best of the 'here and now.' They're just dogs, right? Like ou