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What are you struggling with right now? As you consider business growth and your professional development in a fast-paced, digitised and connected world, what are the areas where you need the most support? Management - are you struggling with #riskmanagement? Media - are you looking for novel ways to develop your brand? Mentoring - whether #GenZ, young professional, first-line manager or changing careers, are you looking to unlock your potential with a mentor? Why not take a

What can an English #Genz Philosophy graduate learn from a Brazilian health and safety specialist?

We Do Risk. Creatively. As part of our mission to make the world a better place to live and work, we've been delivering an innovative Global Women In Safety Summer Series campaign on #Clubhouse app. Our founding Director, Jonathan Dempsey has personally invited positive female role models from across the world to be brought into a live-audio environment where YOU (the global audience) can interact in real-time, FREE from your smartphones. To add a further twist and continue o