What can an English #Genz Philosophy graduate learn from a Brazilian health and safety specialist?

We Do Risk. Creatively.

As part of our mission to make the world a better place to live and work, we've been delivering an innovative Global Women In Safety Summer Series campaign on #Clubhouse app.

Our founding Director, Jonathan Dempsey has personally invited positive female role models from across the world to be brought into a live-audio environment where YOU (the global audience) can interact in real-time, FREE from your smartphones. To add a further twist and continue our mentoring and support of young professionals, we've invited #GenZ co-hosts. These are students, graduates and early-career professionals across a range of disciplines - many who do not understand the role of #riskmanagement in the business world.

So, why not download the Clubhouse app and JOIN the conversation in the Let's Talk Risk & Safety club?

Today (Thursday 26th August at 12.30pm BST) our guest is health and safety specialist, Carla Lessa who is based in Brazil. Our host Jonathan will be joined by Francesca Wild, alumni of Cheltenham Ladies College and a recent graduate in Philosophy and Economics. Ultimately, this will be a chilled conversation to share ideas, experiences and perspectives across generations and geographies.

You can also follow our club LinkedIn page for details of future events https://www.linkedin.com/posts/let-s-talk-risk-safety_a-brazilian-business-woman-and-an-english-activity-6835195958276472832-AOFt

Of course, if you need help with management, media or mentoring solutions across the risk and sustainability portfolio, get in touch today! Call directly from our home page.

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