How to look after your mental health

Updated: May 11

At Red Laces, we believe passionately #itsallaboutpeople as we bring #freshthinking and 'creativity in a world of risk' to provide different perspectives, expert guidance, consultancy and practical solutions in risk management, health and safety and sustainability.

As such, we promote positive mental health and wellbeing. At some point, we are all likely to need support in these areas.

So, in this blog, you will find:

1. A 35-minute panel discussion

2. Brief video clip taken from our interview with former Rugby League legend, Danny Sculthorpe.

3. Details of a 16-day online course to help you to Feel Good For Good created by David McLean, clinical psychologist at DRM Group, featured in the panel discussion.

1. Panel Discussion on Mental Health

"Great episode, interesting and relatable. It’s good to know we’re all in the same boat, although different scenarios but lots of experiencing up and down days at the moment. Gave some great advice, the ‘3 Ps’ great. Would recommend to anyone."

C.Downes via Red Laces Facebook page

In Episode 3 of the 4-part RebrandingSafety Panel mini-series, James MacPherson (RebrandingSafety) hosts a discussion with Jonathan Dempsey (Director, Red Laces), Christian Harris (DecontaminationCleaningUK) and David McLean (DRM Group) on experiences of life in lockdown. David shared perspectives as a business owner and clinical psychologist.

Just a note that RebrandingSafety adopts a 'down the pub' style of health and safety content so language may reflect this.

Here are a few salient points to emerge from the conversation:

1. How full is your 'stress bucket?'

2. Perception is reality.

3. Build momentum with small changes.

4. Thoughts become feelings...feelings become actions.

5. Recognise external pressures as such. We decide how to respond.

All four episodes of the mini-series are available on the RebrandingSafety podcast (iTunes and Spotify) and Youtube channel as well as Red Laces YouTube.

2. Danny Sculthorpe

Danny "Scully" Sculthorpe left the fields of his professional rugby playing career behind after being struck by a horrific injury which led to a catalogue of physical and mental challenges. He is now a public speaker, sharing his personal story to inspire individuals, teams and businesses to embrace positive mental health. He played for Widnes Vikings, Rochdale Hornets, Wigan Warriors, Castleford Tigers, Wakefield Trinity Wildcats and Huddersfield Giants.

This video clip was recorded during an interview with our Director, Jonathan Dempsey following one of Danny's highly emotive presentations on behalf of a charity that harnesses the power of sport to promote positive mental health among sportsmen and women, fans and wider communities and ultimately to prevent suicide.

"it's not a weakness to speak up, it's a strength."

3. Feel Good For Good

Red Laces now partner with DRM Group for you to purchase their unique 16-day online course, developed by David McLean (clinical psychologist), which takes you on a journey to Feel Good For Good. This costs £97 via our link

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