Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 - The Red Laces Way

It's Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 in the United Kingdom, organised by Mental Health Foundation and the theme is kindness #kindnessmatters

At Red Laces, we are a management consultancy where #itsallaboutpeople #itsallaboutyou and believe passionately in the importance of positive mental health and suicide prevention.

Our tagline is "creativity in a world of risk" so we are taking the opportunity to showcase creativity and bring insights from people around the world. Each day there will be original content across our social media, tailored to each channel to reflect style of content and audience demographics. So, some posts may appear on Facebook, Insta and YouTube. Others may appear on LinkedIn and Twitter. Links to all platforms are on our website.

We have three calls to action:

  1. Make time to reflect on your own mental health

  2. Be in a position to signpost those in need of support

  3. Engage with our content - tell us what you think of if, how does it help?

Professional services and charities can provide you and those you care about with support. Please find out which ones apply in your country.

More generally, if you want to feel good for good, you may benefit from the course outlined below which was developed by a clinical psychologist

In the next couple of weeks, we'll create a blog to share the highlights from this week.

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