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As the sponsor of 'Let's talk risk & safety club' on #Clubhouse we are delighted to bring you the innovative Global #womeninsafety Summer Series!

We also thank the International Compliance Association (ICA) for sponsoring the campaign, as the leading professional body for the global regulatory and financial crime compliance community.

The full details are in this brochure

Summer Series 2021
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What is happening?

Our founding Director, Jonathan Dempsey MBA, has invited female role models from businesses across the world to share their experiences and perspectives. They will feature in 1-hour sessions on the live-only, voice-only app. Jonathan will be joined in each event by a #Genz female co-host as the campaign provides unique opportunities for young professionals and future leaders to directly access insights in a way not seen before!

When is it happening?

The events will take place throughout July and August. Details will be posted in the club Linkedin page and automatic notifications can be switched on for everyone who joins the club on #Clubhouse. The app is free to download on iOS and Android.

Why is it happening?

We believe passionately that business is all about people.

Your business needs to be agile, adaptable and resilient to be competitive, doesn't it? So, risk management is integral to this, strategically and practically. Not in a cold, 'rules and regulations' manner which seeks to exercise control in a dehumanising way. Instead, brought about through creativity, curiosity and care - understanding how corporate values and goals are translated into the real, lived experiences and the culture.

This campaign is aimed at business leaders who are open to understanding their businesses better and want to learn how risk management through people can unlock competitive advantage.

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