Our Services.

Do you find the management of risk, safety and compliance too overwhelming?

Have you reached a plateau in performance from tried and tested processes - ready to be more progressive? 

We understand that, as a leader, there's already a lot for you to focus on to drive business growth, branding and professional development in a rapidly changing, digitising world.  

Let us help you by tailoring innovative solutions from our award-winning founder and Director, with business-friendly packages designed to work within your budget.

We operate in the 3 key areas of management, media and mentoring.


You may require one of a range of consultancy solutions from strategic reviews, development of management systems, projects, bespoke training and development, liaison with regulatory agencies and more. Or, you may just require assignments to cover short-term gaps in resource. 


Your brand (and personal branding) is no longer a luxury, it's a fundamental requirement to be competitive in a fast-paced, digital world. 

You may not have the resources or in-house expertise to develop a presence on social media or marketing campaigns. Or, you may wish to sponsor one of our campaigns to help reach potential customers in new markets. 

We have already undertaken campaigns on YouTube involving celebrities including a Hollywood actress and Rugby League legend, as well as a global campaign on the live-audio app #Clubhouse


We offer bespoke 1-1 support and mentoring for #GenZ, young professionals, first-line managers and senior-level professionals.

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Silver Package

Quickly Solving Problems 'Here and Now'

Worried about compliance in a rapidly changing environment but not sure where to turn?

Under investigation by a regulatory agency and require professional support?

No longer sure what is (and is not) required and management systems becoming increasingly burdensome? 

Let us guide you by providing clarity, identifying key areas of concern and helping you to prioritise the best course of action. 

We'll undertake an assessment through consultation with your teams, brief review of documents and outline suitable options. 

What's Included?

(for illustrative purposes only)

- 2 hours of discussions with internal stakeholders

- Review of documents

- Outline of key risks and priorities for action 


Gold Package

Reset Your Risk Management

Can your business stay the same in a rapidly changing environment?

How can you stay relevant, competitive and compliant?

Maybe you need help to design the restructure your compliance functions? 

With a Gold Package, you'll develop a deeper understanding of effective risk management which adds value.  

What's Included

(for illustrative purposes only)

- 10 hours of discussion with internal and external stakeholders

- 5 hours of review of risk management systems

- Detailed guide on key risks priorities and overview of timeline for implementation


Platinum Package

Reimagine to Thrive!

A bespoke package of services tailored to delivering sustainable solutions.

With more than 20 years of experience, our team has the capabilities and expertise to take your business to the next level.

We combine our insights and skills to transform your processes and strategies, and in turn, your company.

What's Included

(for illustrative purposes only)

- 20 hours of internal floor walking and stakeholder interviews including the executive 

- 10 hours of review including risk management systems and outputs

- Detailed report and plan including implementation timetable, breakdown of barriers, costs and priorities for action


Ad Hoc Services

Media, Mentoring, more...

Do you need help planning or executing your next project?

Do you require interim management resource to provide direction and add pace to delivery?

Perhaps you are looking for a mentor for your risk and compliance team?

Details are available on request.

We can also complement one of our packages with support on communications and social media marketing. 

We are active on all major social media platforms (including Clubhouse) and have delivered original campaigns featuring Hollywood actress Eileen Grubba and Rugby League legend Danny Sculthorpe and more! 

To help you build for the future in today’s rapidly evolving environment, Red Laces can help bring synergy to meeting your broader business needs with innovative solutions.

After all, We Do Risk. Creatively!


We Do Risk. Creatively.

Unlocking the mystery and requirements of risk and safety compliance in a rapidly changing world - let us help you!

We can help you in a number of simple and easy ways:

Let's start with our innovative FREE Agility Adaptability Resilience Scorecard which will help us to quickly diagnose where your business is and how we can help you.

2 minutes. 20 questions. 1 outcome!

Your personalised score and a baseline.


Why Choose Red Laces?

We Do Risk. Creatively.

From start-ups to global market leaders, we develop innovative approaches which strategically 'design risk' into your business as a positive driver for growth.

What are the tangible benefits?

1. GREATER ASSURANCE OF COMPLIANCE to provide a strong core of governance.

2. MORE EFFICIENT AND EFFECTIVE USE OF RESOURCES to improve business delivery through stronger collaboration across functions.

3. EMPOWERING measurable, sustainable development of your culture and PERFORMANCE over the long term.

Knowing what is NOT required is also a valuable asset to keep your management systems agile and adaptable.