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I'm Jonathan Dempsey, a double-Chartered MBA consultant passionate about working with Boards, business owners and entrepreneurs to quickly solve business problems.

From start up to global market leaders, I develop approaches which strategically 'design risk' into your business as a positive driver for growth.

Approaches aligned with your vision, brand, values, operating plans and set within the context of your operating environment improve your efficiency and increases agility.  


1. MORE EFFICIENT use of resources through informed strategic decision making

2. MORE EFFECTIVE business delivery through stronger collaboration across functions

3. EMPOWERING measurable, sustainable development of your culture and PERFORMANCE over the long term.

Executive, multidisciplinary, leadership experience with market leaders from hotel and leisure, transport and logistics, bioscience research and live entertainment combined with market-leading professional credentials enable me to create solutions that are 2 years 2 early for some. 

Knowing what is NOT required is a valuable asset to keep your management systems agile and adaptable. My early career as an Environmental Health Officer equipped me with detailed working knowledge of UK law in food hygiene, environment and workplace safety. 

Check out the links above to engage with social media content on business, innovation, risks, sustainability and mental health. 

This includes my latest podcast interviews and and contributions for several leading professional publications.

Clothing Store
Construction Signs

Initial Assessment and Gap Analysis

Let's assess where you REALLY are right now.

We profile the key operational risks facing your business and create actionable insight.

Caterers - it could be food safety.

Logistics - maybe workplace transport safety.

Hotels - is it fire safety?

In a competitive and fast-paced environment successful businesses are the ones which make decisions based on foresight, not hindsight! 

1 day+

Strategic Assessment, Planning and Development

Combining a dive into your business (including interviews and site visits, as appropriate) with expertise will reveal actionable insight to present you with choices to transform your strategies, structures and processes. 

Clients receive a written report and supplementary material to manage the follow up internally.

More aspirational clients opt for more in-depth assessment with deeper insights in the context of leadership, culture, governance, risk and intelligence to grow through the Red Laces Maturity Model. 

This service  ranges from 3 days (minimum) to one month.

In the Kitchen

Expert Guidance and Retained Services

Would a retained service with a market-leading consultant help you sleep better at night?

Has there been a serious incident?

Are you currently facing enforcement action?

Red Laces customise solutions to suit you.

Risk management is dynamic and in a fast-paced competitive environment successful businesses are the ones which make bold decisions based on trusted advice, insight and foresight, not hindsight!


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