Is It Back To School For Boards And Business Owners?

Leave old skool safety behind. It's so last year! [SOUND ON] Schools reopen in England, today. For thousands of children, a brand new experience awaits. Wearing a uniform. Travelling to an unfamiliar place. Meeting other children. Having a formal structure to the day. Starting a process of learning and assessment. They'll learn to master several subjects as well as learning about themselves. Caring, qualified and experienced teachers will create an environment of support. For

What Was The First Record You Bought?

Can you remember the first record you bought when you were younger - a 7 inch, 12 inch, an LP? Maybe it was a cassette? Or, was it a download? Nostalgia evokes powerful emotions. The first riff of Guns 'n' Roses "Welcome To The Jungle" transports me straight back to memories of their gig in Milton Keynes, UK (a week apart from seeing Metallica and Megadeth at the same venue). There's less room for nostalgia in business. Certainly post-Covid, businesses need to be agile, adapt

World FM Day 2020

It's #WorldFMDay2020 today as we celebrate the work that facilities management professionals do to promote health, safety and wellbeing through the built environment. They will be key enablers to help Britain emerge safely from lockdown as part of Covid19 assessments and other risk assessments as part of wider risk management. If you require support in health and safety risk management, to remove the fear around compliance, to build confidence and change the narrative towards