10 Tips for Community Response Volunteers - Covid19

As communities pull together in response to the Covid19 pandemic, vast numbers of volunteers are being mobilised across the country. Whether it's delivering food and medicines to people who are self-isolating or servicing a range of other local, critical needs.

Here are 10 Tips to consider:

1. Mental Health - to help others, look after yourself! Eat, sleep, exercise, keep hydrated, beware of your limitations, ask for help www.mind.org.uk

2. Cybersecurity - you may be communicating with new groups on different social media platforms and with different devices. Keep your data and other people's data secure - www.ncsc.gov.uk

3. Personal Security - you may travel to unfamiliar areas at different times of day or night. Tell someone where you're going  - www.suzylamplugh.org

4. Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults - act with integrity so that your actions are not compromised - contact www.nspcc.org.uk for advice and direct any children with concerns to www.childline.org.uk

5. Don't try to solve every problem - be prepared to signpost to other sources of advice and guidance (refer to point 1 above)

6. Communicate! Communicate! Communicate! Keep up to date with all relevant information (especially the latest Government advice www.gov.uk) and share information to keep everyone involved.

7. Humour goes a long way when everyone is pulling together under pressure. It's all about people!

8. Risks may not be obvious - food hygiene, health and safety, fire safety etc. Seek professional advice where necessary.

9. Document key decisions and the rationale - this is key in transient situations and may prove valuable as evidence for any investigation which could arise. It's also useful to capture learning to share best practice.

10. The overall Covid19 response will be a marathon, not a sprint! Look out for each other.

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Photo by Adam Nieścioruk on Unsplash

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