Managing Your Business Through Covid19 - Practical Tips

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Episode 2 'Practical Tips for Managing Your Business Through Covid19.'

In this episode, we cover a range of practical tips that businesses can follow. A few take away messages are capture below:

Follow the latest Government advice and help your teams, customers and supply chain to interpret what this means for them in the context of your organisation

The importance of clear, visible leadership - act with integrity and show empathy. Make your organisation's values count.

As businesses quickly respond to rapidly changing and unfamiliar circumstances, quick decisions and action, document key decisions and the rationale behind them. It's a rich source of material to learn lessons and support any later investigations which may arise.

Communicate! Communicate! Communicate!

What are the differences between cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting?

At a personal level, be mindful of your thoughts. Thoughts create feelings, feelings create actions and actions produce results.

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