Rebranding Safety Panel with Red Laces

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

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Here's the first of a weekly YouTube and podcast series released every Friday which takes a relaxed look at #IsolationLife from our personal and professional experiences - three business owners and a health and safety YouTube influencer. A collaboration between four strong brands: Red Laces, RebrandingSafety, DecontaminationCleaning and DRM Group.

James MacPherson created RebrandingSafety a couple of years ago to offer a refreshing "down the pub" vibe and no-nonsense approach to health and safety discussions. This new panel, created in the early stages of the UK Covid19 Coronavirus lockdown, builds on that style and develops broader perspectives around Risk, Opportunity and Growth.

This episode sets the scene. Who are we? How are we feeling? What are our immediate challenges? How are we making sense of the world? Is Government advice clear? Where is everyone on the Change Curve (from countries, Governments and businesses to families and individuals)? How can businesses quickly pivot to a world that became digital overnight?

Still to come: mental health and wellbeing, exploring risk management, offering practical advice for businesses and more...

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