Red Laces Recently Established 'Women in Safety' on Clubhouse!

We Do Risk. Creatively.

Women In Safety on Clubhouse
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A risk which affects businesses of all types is #healthandsafety

We know that females and young people are under-represented in many sectors as a whole and safety-related roles, in particular.

This means that challenges uniquely experienced by females can go unreported and unresolved. It also contributes to a lack of cognitive diversity which can unlock added value to business.

Join Hayley Wright (@hjwright) and Red Laces's Director, Jonathan Dempsey (@redlaces_jd), creating an environment to explore these with you.

🎤Come ‘on stage’ to ask questions and share your experiences in this interactive session🎤

#Clubhouse is the world's hottest new social media app (voice-only) and this new weekly session at 12.30pm GMT every Tuesday is an innovative and interactive platform for panel-guest-audience conversation.

Please note: Currently the app is in beta so only available on iOS and by invitation only. It will be on Android soon.

Highlights will be shared across Red Laces social media (links on homepage)

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