Women In Business - Taking Inspiration From Across The World

There are two dimensions to Red Laces - the consultancy and social media.

Primarily, I work with HR Directors, Board Directors and business owners in Logistics and other sectors. I help them quickly solve business problems and develop strategic capability - with a bias towards safety and environmental risk. As a double-Chartered, MBA graduate and Global Top 10 Health and Safety Influencer 2020, clients are assured of market-leading insight and delivery.

I offer the full suite of consultancy services including strategy, projects, interim assignments, bespoke training and customisable solutions. Additionally, I'm a public speaker, podcast host, mentor and a ghost writer for a leading software provider.

Alongside this, I create extensive, original content across Red Laces LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok accounts. This covers a much broader range of topics across business, innovation and technology, demographics, risk, health and safety, sustainability and more. I actively promote causes that I care about such as plastics in the ocean, mental health and gender diversity.

Ultimately, Red Laces is a brand with a purpose - to help make the world a better place, together!

As a tagline, "creativity in a world of risk" reflects the DNA of the brand. At the forefront of progressive approaches and thinking, curious, a growth mindset, global perspectives, genuine care and appreciation of the plethora of risks as strategic enablers and opportunities for business growth.

In the Summer, I explored mental health by inviting 30 people from 9 countries to record a 1-minute selfie video on their experiences and insights. It included TEDx speakers, podcast hosts, a CEO, actor, TikTok influencers, LinkedIn coach, the Rugby League legend Danny Sculthorpe and my mother-in-law. Authentic and relatable content. Every video now forms a free, shareable resource on Red Laces YouTube.

Taking all of the learning - the design, technology, promotion etc. - I decided to explore the topic of Women In Business. Again, I have personally invited around 30 contributors from several countries. They range from female graduates, early career, business leaders and women in roles or sectors which have traditionally been regarded as male dominated.

The simple purpose of the campaign is to share original, authentic and relatable content from positive female role models in different cultures to inspire. So, get involved and let me know what you think.

If you had 1 minute to inspire, what would you share?

This is the introduction to the campaign.

This was the launch video on Monday 5th October.

There'll be a new video posted on YouTube and promoted on LinkedIn on weekdays throughout October.

P.S. In each campaign, I invite several followers of Red Laces across social media so next time IT COULD BE YOU!

The next campaigns under consideration are:

  1. "What does Risk mean to me?"

  2. Sustainability

Email jonathan@redlaces.co.uk or call +44(0)7855 757565 for a quote for consultancy, public speaking and ghost writing.


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